Vegan Friendly – Why Clever Soap Cares About Animal Welfare

clever soap vegan friendly

When you use a soap, you cover your skin, be it your face or your entire body, in a product on a regular basis. That’s quite a personal thing to do, so would you be comfortable doing it knowing that it was made from animal parts, or had been tested on animals? We wouldn’t, and we don’t think you would either. Unfortunately, the reality is that many products on the market do use animals in some form or another and are not at all vegan-friendly. Don’t worry though, because we don’t.

I Thought Animal Testing For Cosmetics Was Banned In The U.K.?

You’re correct in saying that it is illegal to test cosmetics on animals in the United Kingdom. However, many companies are smart and can easily get round this. How, you ask? Quite simply by testing on animals in other countries. It really is that simple and as long as testing on animals in that country isn’t banned, no laws are being broken. So you might think that a product you’re buying is cruelty-free, but you might be surprised. Don’t worry though, Clever Soap doesn’t test on animals in the U.K. or anywhere in the world. We love animals and would never use them to test our products.

Does Clever Soap Contain Any Products Derived From Animals?

Absolutely not. That’s why our soap is entirely vegan-friendly. Many soaps use various types of oils to give their soap a certain fragrance or effect on the skin, and these can be derived from animals. We don’t do that; our products are all fragrance-free avoiding animal-derived products and ensuring there are no unwanted effects on your skin.

Clever Soap – Cruelty-Free And Animal Free In Every Way

So there you go. You can rest assured that our products truly are vegan-friendly. We love animals, and we don’t need to use them to create a brilliant product for your skin.

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